Jamaican Woman Gets Married in The Middle Of Philadelphia Protest

June 8, 2020

Jamaicans are known for their unique sense of style and innovation as a couple proved so by approving “Black lives Matter” protest in USA on their wedding day on Saturday.

According to media reports, as Medical doctor, Kerry-Anne Perkins, and her husband, Michael Gordon tied the knot at a Black Lives Matter protest.


The crowd passed as they took their wedding photograph outside downtown Logan Hotel in Philadelphia. The couple was cheered on by protestors of both African and Caucasian descent.

A video of the couple has gone viral on the social media platforms.
Parkhomenko, a Democratic (party strategist, consultant and a political advisor according to his twitter description, captions the video, “A marriage took place just now at a protest in Philadelphia”.

The video boosted over night as it gained over 3.7 million views, 32,000 retweets, 190,000 likes and 2,288 comments since Saturday.

One Twitter user commented, “So important, so cool! I hope their anniversaries are not marching for democracy, but living in one!”
“Her (Dr Perkins’) dress! So happy… May they have (a) wonderful marriage… They literally stopped traffic/stopped the protest in a good way,” another individual tweeted.

Jamaican Woman Gets Married in The Middle Of Philadelphia Protest

Another tweet said, “What a beautiful way to protest, showing love will always beat hate, bringing tears to my eyes.”

The Black life movement took over the States after an African American man, George Floyd, died in Minneapolis last month after he was knelt on his neck for over nine minutes by a white officer.


The death has led to global protests against police abuses and racial inequalities. Meanwhile the officers were arrested under murder charge for the incident.

Jamaicans also joined the protest by peacefully protesting outside the U.S embassy in St Andrew on Saturday.

The Today Show posted their video on instagram and the caption said, “The power of love! Newlyweds Dr Kerry-Anne Perkins and Michael Gordon kiss amid a protest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 6, 2020.”


The post received over 970 comments all filled with love and praise for the couple.

“Let nothing stop you!! We captured the most epic wedding in the midst of Philadelphia protest!… #teamwork #blacklivesmatter,” the caption by Luxor Weddings Films company as they posted the newly wedded couple’s pic on their Instagram page.

Jamaican Woman Gets Married in The Middle Of Philadelphia Protest

 One user commented, “This is soooo sooo beautiful and powerful!!!! And they are absolutely STUNNING!!!!! Great job friends!!!”

“That dress is absolutely stunning on her! The colour is gorgeous with her beautiful skin tone 😍😍😍. Love this message of love in the midst of devastating loss, hatred and injustice. Love prevails,” commented another Instagram user.

Dr Perkin also posted some inspiring quotes prior to her wedding day from a US civil movement activist, Dr Martin Luther King.

Among the quotes were, “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamour of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

Another read: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.
Overall, the couple has written their names in history for years to come for their support and love during this modern time of struggle against inequality and injustice.

According to news outlet, Philadelphia Inquirer, the couple later ended up joining the protestor in their march towards the City Hall in Philadelphia.


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