Jamaican Woman pays over 1,000,000 to Get Rid of Sex Demon

July 14, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]A woman from Kingston, Jamaica who didn’t reveal her name is having serious problems with a Sex Demon and has spent over $1 million and visited religious leaders to assist her with the removal of the Sex Demon from her home, but nothing she has done has caused the Demon to leave her.

She believed the Demon was sent to attack her by a woman who she was sharing a man with. She is now asking anyone who knows how to get rid of sex Demons to contact her. That is why she has even asked the writers at a news paper to put out an article, so persons can know about her plight, and she is hoping there will be someone who knows what to do so that her plight can end soon.


The Demon even slapped her in the back of her neck once, and she has to sleep with Garlic in her Vagina to stop him from having sex with her. She is worried that the Garlic might damage her seriously if she doesn’t get rid of the Demon soon.


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