Jamaican Woman Placed in Quarantine Locally Raises Health Concerns

Tuesday, March 3, 2020, 7:18 PM GMT-5

It is 4 days since Miss Joan Adams has been in quarantine after she took her dream trip to Italy, she returned to a Nightmare. 

When she returned, she found out that Italy was one of the country’s that was on the list that Jamaica had placed on high alert.

The businesswoman, who left the island on February 17, has been in quarantine for 4 days and she will be there for 10 more days. She says life in the quarantine facility is not easy.

She was placed there as the persons who have the virus can be unaware of it for a long time and show no visible symptoms.

She is glad that the Government is doing all they can to prevent COVID 19 from spreading on the island.

She is very concerned about the workers who are in there with her. She believes they are vulnerable, they are not following enough safe practices and if anyone does have the virus they are the ones who would get infected, they will go home to their families and that will cause the virus to spread very fast.

She wants the workers to be protected in a better way, so they won’t contract the virus from someone who has it.

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