Jamaicans 60 And Over Who Got Fully Vaccinated To Expect Payout Early September

August 30, 2021 8:16 PM

The Minister of Finance Dr Nigel Clarke has given word that thousands of Jamaicans over the age of 60, will receive their payments in the coming days for getting fully vaccinated.

According to the Minister, the payout will occur in the first week of September for those persons who had made their application through the digital platform for the Covid-19 Allocation of Resources for Employees (CARE) program.


The delay in payments according to Dr Clarke is due to the processing time the system takes to validate the applicant’s information.

The payout according to the Minister of Finance will happen through commercial banks, Remittance agencies and third-party collectors.

Dr Clarke has also outlined that in the past year, the program has run into several issues which caused persons to not get their payment as some of the applicants entered wrong banking information and names.

As such the Minister is encouraging future applicants to ensure that they double-check before making their application.

For those persons who are expecting their payout through a remittance company, Dr Clarke has said that the company usually holds the funds for a length of time but if it is not collected, the Government of Jamaica claims it.

He also gave information relating to those persons that are disabled, noting that they will be able to employ a third party to make the collection as long as they have a letter authorised by a JP.


So far there have been a total of 36414 seniors including 15,149 men and 21,265 women who applied for the $10,000 payout between the period of July 15 and August 17.


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