Jamaicans Crave Sex Dolls In Pandemic

November 29, 2020

An American sex doll company is earning massive money from lonely persons, who want to have a good time, and has experienced a sales spike since the pandemic.

Ceo of the company, Sam Pfauth also stated that they are expecting another rise in sales, for the Christmas season, and already has a large volume of orders ready for the special time.


At this time, the Ceo of the sex doll company stated that one of the doll values $4000 Usd, however according to him that is a small price to pay for so, as people understand the necessity of using the toy in a time, where sexual frustration, Stemming from the social distance and self-isolating policies is a real thing.

Pfauth also stated that the dolls have been uniquely customized to have a realistic look, which they said worked well for an elderly man who lost his wife of over 50 years and got a doll looking exactly like her.

When questioned about the morality of the approach to sex, Sam expressed that everyone has the right to an orgasm, the way they want it as it is perfectly normal.

Surprising on the list of people requesting the dolls on high demand, are Jamaicans which is interesting, as one doll values JMD 588,900, which is even higher than the amount Dancehall artiste Quada was granted bail for.

Due to Trade restrictions, however, the dolls are not able to be shipped to Jamaica and South America.



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