Jamaicans Might Get Reparation By 2022

Member of Parliament for Clarendon Central division, Mike Henry has teamed up with a group of Attorneys and Scholars, on his big move to fight for reparation for Jamaicans who are descendants of Africans who were enslaved.

Their most recent conference was held on April 14, second to a unanimous parliament vote in 2015.

Some of who were a part of the meeting are an active member of the National Council on reparation, that was formed in 2009.

The names of the attendees range from Frank Phipps the creator of the official petition that was sent to the Crown, Bert Samuels, the chairman of the conference Edward Fitzgerald, Peter Hargitay and Lawrence Cartier.

Mike Henry decided that he was pushing for what he termed as a turn around after a 14-year wait, and getting the petition passed by the UK privy counsel was his main goal towards getting through on his reparation plan.

In the recent conference conducted on zoom, they achieved the goal of setting deadlines and according to Mike Henry, they should be all set by July 2021 to make the process of compensation for chattel slavery to the next level. They also have hopes to be completely successful by late 2021.

The main claim that the group of highly revered Attorneys and Scholars are putting forth their petition, based on the fact that slavery was illegal in the United Kingdom but they enslaved people in the Caribbean.

The question of Human rights is also being put forward in their argument since the enslaved got inhumane treatment.

The possibilities of Jamaicans getting financial compensation in the coming 2022, is very high at this time with the quality work being put in at this time by Mike Henry and his team.

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