Jamaicans Outrage Over SSL’s Expenses Being Paid By Taxpayers; Over $15 Million Monthly

Many Jamaicans are having trouble wrapping their heads around the latest update surrounding fraud riddle financial institution SSL, which has seen the private entity benefiting from at least $15 million per month, funded by taxpayers.

As the saga continues, there is no positive information and seemingly Usain Bolt is no closer to getting back his money. The Sprint legend has also been quiet of late about the situation despite coming public about the theft months ago.


Dancehall selector Foota Hype, known also for his social commentary, is one such Jamaican trying to make sense of taxpayer’s money being used to assist with the private company expenses. In response, Foota Hype demanded some explanation for the actions of the authorities responsible for such a move.

“Somebody bloodclaat explain to me nuh man, yow somebody explain this to me, me out fi lose me fucking self enuh man, me out fi lose meself how taxpayers fi pay $15 million a month fi keep SSL running how?” Foota Hype asked during his Instagram Live.

As Foota Hype continues to try to make sense of the situation, he asked what Jamaican taxpayers are planning to do to push back at the latest announcement.


“Uno just a sit-down and tek this uno just a sit-down and mek the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) just do whatever the fxcking thing them feel like uno a just sit down and tek it, nothing nah gwaan, no riot nuh nuttin, this enuh memba it nuh have nuttin fi do wid we, a private company thief Usain Bolt money how the public fi pay fi it,” Foota Hype asked.

In reaction to the latest updates, one concerned Jamaican commented, “I want the big heads to be held accountable, not just the small fry scapegoats. The people all the way at the top are involved and maybe big wigs outside the firm too.” Another person questioned, “How much money did the prime minister invest and how much did he withdraw. Also, how did they benefit from the huge sums NHT had invested?”

As an end note, Foota Hype, in closing, stated that SSL should be shut down and that all those who are running the company should be arrested for their illegal conduct.

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