Vybz Kartel Lied about Attending Calabar for “Street Cred” Says Foota Hype – Watch Video

If asked about Vybz Kartel’s educational background, many fans will state that the Dancehall King attended Calabar High School in Kingston. Should anyone even Google this question, the reputable school will be shown in the results. A slew of reports also indicates that Kartel attended the school but was allegedly expelled at 16 and continued his education at a tutorial technical school.

However, prominent selector Foota Hype has expressed that this information is false and explained that the artiste lied about his educational background for “street cred.”

Foota Hype was speaking during a live stream when he made the remarks, saying that the Worl Boss was not in Calabar High School’s yearbook, which is mandatory for registered students.

“Kartel seh him use to go Calabar, a lie him a tell, but him know seh Calabar a di biggest street cred fi get,” he said, adding that no one has ever seen the deejay during his younger years at the institution.

While noting that he is a past student of Calabar, Foota named multiple public figures in the entertainment industry, such as Cham and Skatta Burrell, who he knew attended the school and could testify that they never saw Vybz Kartel.

“Yuh cyah inna di year book if yuh nuh register inuh. Yuh cyah just go and try get inna Calabar and get inna di yearbook, enuh. Yah fi actually register, and yah fi actually go do di picture, and yuh name write inna di yearbook,” he explained.

Foota also said that Adidja “Vybz Kartel” Palmer actually attended Hope Valley Experimental School. While he stated that the private institution is a “bright school” that is costly, he shared that it would not give Kartel “street cred.”

“But fi tell people seh him go Hope Valley Experimental nah gi him nuh clout at all,” he continued.
Foota subsequently presented the argument that if Kartel had revealed that he attended Hope Valley Experimental, his gangster brand would take a hit since the school is not known by many and does not boast a Crème de la crème reputation as Calabar does.

Watch the video of Foota Hype below:

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