Foota Hype Reacts to News of His Brother Breaking Into a Church – Watch Video

Dancehall selector Foota Hype was bombarded recently with the news of his brother being involved in a robbery at a church. The viral king was on his usual live addressing Canada’s decision to exclude Jamaica from a list of five Caribbean countries given the privilege to travel to Canada visa-free.

During his Instagram Live, Foota Hype was asked by a fan to respond to the news of his brother carrying out a robbery at a church.

“Me have a brother from march pen me have a brother over Spanish Town yes, a wul heap a brother and sister me have enuh people, me father get bout 20 add or 30 pickny enuh so a wul heap enuh some a them me nevin know them, but me have a brother over Spanish Town yes,” Foota revealed.

As the entertainer continued his verbal assault on the Jamaican government about their foreign affairs policies, a fan by the name of _westbank66_ constantly outlined the news about his brother being a thief. “Foota dats y dem nuh dirt him cause him seh u and him a bredda,” _westbank66_ commented on the Instagram live.

Foota seemed more concerned at this point as he asked, “A wah him gwann wid over deh… a wah him thief,” Foota asked as he tried to get more information and details on the allegations against his brother. _westbank66_ replied to Foota’s question by stating, “him bruk inna wah church dis morning.”

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The veteran selector then responded to the news by declaring, “Church! Uno know me nuh run certain joke enuh so if a that him do him violate enuh, if a that him do enuh violate enuh if a that him do rude boy him violate nah seh him fi dead enuh but uzimi nah seh him fi dead, but him violate me ago call when me done as matter a fact mek me call mek me call yah now.” The live ended at that point.

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See the video below:

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