Foota Hype Shows Off Pistol And Says, “Protection Day and Night”

Dancehall selector Foota Hype sends a strong message to his enemies and those who seek to harm him. Recently Foota Hype claimed that he was receiving multiple death threats, seemingly in response to those threats, the selector released a picture of a gun on a table along with a cryptic message.

Foota Hype shared the photo via Instagram displaying a black gun, with the following caption, “Protection day and night from even the pestilence that walketh in daylight.”

However, some of his fans and followers on Instagram were not pleased with the selector showing off the weapon, as one comment reads, “Now they just know to come as a group and bring rifles. Sometimes some things are best kept a secret.”

Another commenter also expressed their displeasure with Footah’s action by stating, “Exposing or displaying your strength can be very dangerous and helpful at the same time. Because if they know you have it they think twice as well as they can pull up knowing you have it…”

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Moreover, many other commenters agreed with the selector’s decision to post the weapon, as one commenter states, “Better u have it and don’t need it more than to need it and don’t have it.”

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