Foota Hype Talks on Buju Unfollowing Koffee Plus Ding Dong and Desha’s Split “I love it” – Watch Video

Viral King Foota Hype, in his response to reports of Buju Banton unfollowing reggae female artiste Koffee, said, “It was a great day in history, I love it.” Additionally, he also pointed out that Buju Banton needs to erase the collaboration song between him and Koffee called Pressure from all platforms and do away with it.

“Same like how Boom Bye Bye come off, that fi come off, that nuh fi exists, we nuh fi can go pon nuh weh go google it and find it, a wah day yah me deh pon Tik Tok and a try find Boom Bye Bye fi put behind wah video, no weh it nuh deh, nuh weh you caa find it pon one a the platform dem,” Foota explained.

During his Instagram Live, the social media star gave Buju Banton some credit for making the ‘anthem for straight people’ (Boom Bye Bye), as Foota puts it. Continuing on the same topic, Foota also gave Sizzla credit regarding him performing his controversial song Nah Apologize more frequently. 

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The Viral King even made mention of Ding Dong Unfollowing Desha Ravers as he thanked him for straightening up his Ravers camp. “Clean up yuh surrounding longtime,” Foota said. Notably, Desha removed the “Ravers” from her name on social media and started promoting her very own music products.

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Foota also told Sizzla and other rasta artistes that if they want back their US Visa and more bookings, they should continue to blaze the fire musically. “You cannot compromise wid demons, you cannot compromise wid satan and then waa me believe seh you a warrior fi god, no,” Foota advised. 

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See the video below:

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