L.A. Lewis Says Spice is His “Client and Friend”, Shows off Large Sum of Cash, Talks PM Holness, Buju and more with Shelly-Ann Curran – Watch Interview

The seven-star general L.A. Lewis shows off his stocks of cash and wealth of information while on his second interview on the controversial YouTube podcast Tea Time With Shelly-Ann Curran. The self-titled Maroon Emperor L.A. Lewis made it clear that he was much wealthier than prime minister Andrew Holness while presenting stocks of US and Jamaican dollars, Samsung phones, million dollars’ worth of socks on his feet and his credit cards to prove it and dares the prime minister to challenge him by declaring his possession.

L.A. Lewis continued his usual controversial claims by stating that Andrew Holness must be careful of pushing the vaccine on the Jamaican people, for it is a plot by the World Health Organization to lessen the Jamaican population. The seven-star general also warns Andrew Holness that he is only a pawn in a bigger game.


The controversial social media personality went deeper into his conspiracy theories during the interview when host Shelly-Ann asked him how spiritual protection works. L.A. Lewis then unveiled the power-filled incense he brought for Shelly-Ann and told her to light one, claiming it would protect her from people who plan to harm her while keeping her wealthy forever.

Shelly-Ann, however, turned up the temperature on the interview when she asked L.A. Lewis about his views on the controversy currently surrounding the reggae\rasta community, especially reggae artiste Koffee, to which he replied, “wul on nuh yuh fi just talk the truth, Koffee is a lesbian yuh understand, memba seh that his the gay part of the music enuh, Protoje dem a fully gay and we know that, Koffee dem a gay yuh understand, but people afraid fi talk.”

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The controversial figure continued to share his views on homosexuality and its correlation with Jamaican celebrities. ”Remember seh Richard Curry seh him and Protoje sleep inna one room fi how much years enuh upon coach enuh, a weh yuh a left your good good house and ago sleep inna man coach fah if yuh nuh gone,” L.A. Lewis told Shelly-Ann.

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L.A. Lewis also offered five million dollars to anyone who could dispute his claims as he declared that he has the money at hand for any future lawsuit against his controversial comments. 

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See the video below:

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