Khago and His Brother Involved in Disrespectful Online Battle Over Their Mother – Watch Video

Saturday, April 1, 2023, 10:44 AM

Dancehall/reggae artiste Khago took time out from his long and what seems to be a never-ending lyrical clash with fellow dancehall/reggae artiste I-Octane to address his relationship with his family, specifically, one of his brothers Cornell Stout, Khago also details the toxicity between him and his mother as well as their siblings. 

Khago was on his usual Youtube live when he gave the explosive details on his family relations. The artiste got the news that his brother went live via Facebook to speak out about Khago’s alleged lies.


“Everybody know seh a lie Khago a tell everybody know that and the world run with it enuh, me hear all so artiste, all some journalist in a Jamaica, nobody nuh question it, everybody just run with it and seh yes and dem believe Khago, because guess wah the poor man voice is never heard,” Cornell stated.

According to Khago’s brother, the Nah Sell MI Fren artiste has been pedalling constant lies surrounding his family, especially as it relates to their mother. Cornell also claims that Khago wants to be addressed as ‘general’ by family members, to which he states,” how the fxck him fi call you general breda, you a me likkle breda how we fi call you general.”

In response, the deejay admitted that he did not see the video with his brother but was responding based on reports sent to him by fans, Khago stated in his Youtube live, “ ano you box dung yuh mother a Cristiana, yuh box dung yuh mother a Cristiana, yuh kick dung yuh mother a Cristiana, ano Nana fi tek care a mommy, ano Ava, ano Kerian, ano Maxine, ano me and ano Sandra, boy a you fi tek care a yuh mother, my mother work every dollar a Cayman ah put your name inna account ah yuh use every dollar, yuh curse boy.”

Khago also accused his brother of incest by referring to him as a “ family ram” the deejay said it was because of his love for his sister he does not want to reveal any more sensitive details surrounding the allegations he made against his brother. 

See the video below:


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