Khago Talks About His Daughter Getting Him Arrested, “First Handcuff Ever Put on Pan mi” – Watch Video

Recently, charges were levelled against dancehall artiste Khago for allegedly pulling his weapon on a female family member (this is the second time such an incident was reported for the entertainer), and he has come forward to speak on the issue.

In the video put forward, Khago said, “first handcuff ever put on pan mi. Mi guh a jail, lock up…an annuh stranger send me a jail…A smaddy weh…suppose to be mi daughter…say mi back gun pan dem.”

Asking his fans, who he referred to as Khagonians, to like and share the video, the Nah Sell Out deejay pleaded with his fans, “if annuh you raise up pickney, don’t take dem innah yuh life.”

He went on to tell the story of how he visited a female’s residence with his friend where he had sex with a girl named Marsha, and several months later he saw her and realized she was pregnant. The girl had a boyfriend at the time and did not bring up Khago being the father.

However, the entertainer said that several years later, after he started to make a name for himself, someone contact him about a child name Ava who looked just like him. No DNA test was done, however, because of the resemblance, he accepted it but had no relationship with the child because he was ostracized.

He spoke about trying to help out financially but was never allowed to and stated, “I only see this person, last week make three time mi see this person innah 22 years.”

Khago continued to explain that they got close when the child was fourteen and he started to send her to school with assistance from his wife abroad. He divulged that they became estranged once more because he did not allow her to take a man to his house and that he did not want to be associated with her behaviour of kissing men and women and posting the pictures online.

The issue of doing a DNA test was always put on hold because, “every time it come up…she do something fi mash e up. She say she fava me but she tell mi wife say a same so she fava the next man. So she wah play both field…she wah juice mi dung,” he said.

Many fans in the comments had something to say about the situation. Someone said, “Move way self till DNA done. She a scammer Bredda,” and another stated, “you let down your guard, you really need a family.”

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The mother of the child, Marsha, also commented on the video and stated, “Stop calling me name. Worry about the problem u have with ava and stop involved me duty buoy.”

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Watch the video below:

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