Foota Hype Speaks Out Against Mutabaruka Following His Statements About Koffee – Watch Video

On the heels of Mutabaruka’s statements regarding various rumours about Koffee, vocal sound system selector Foota Hype has called out the poet for his lack of condemnation of the young reggae singer.

Known to address various issues affecting Jamaica, culture, and Rastafarianism, some questioned Mutabaruka why he had not discussed Koffee’s alleged homosexuality on his radio show Stepping Razor, which is aired on Irie FM. The radio show host stated that it was none of his business what Koffe was doing. In regards to Koofee’s lifestyle going against Rastafarianism, Mutabaruka said that he did not know if she was indeed a Rastafarian.

Hype, who has been consistently vocal about what he deems as the imposition of homosexual behaviour on Jamaican culture, has spoken out against Koffee on multiple occasions. During a recent live stream, Hype called out Mutabaruka for how he had addressed the rumours about the singer on his talk show. According to the controversial selector, Irie FM reached out to him for an interview, which he declined after he was told not to discuss Koffee or Lila Iké. Hype hypothesised that Irie FM had told Mutabaruka not to speak out against the two artistes, or he would lose his contract with the radio station.

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Hype contrasted Mutabaruka’s comments about Koffe with the heavy-handed approach he reportedly took when addressing Fantan Mojah and Sizzla Kalonji due to a difference in opinion. The selector went on to suggest that the poet was excusing Koffe’s alleged behaviour because of the amount of money she made.

“Muta, how can you speak out of your mouth [ … ] and base unrighteous acts pan how much money somebody a mek? So weh yah seh? The lickle suffera rasta dem cyah do none a dem sumn deh, but Koffee can dweet?” Hype questioned.

Watch the video below:

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