Foota Hype Warns Valiant of Romeich and Not Honouring Contract with Summa – Watch Video

Veteran selector Foota Hype issues a few pieces of advice for dancehall star Valiant amidst the allegations surrounding the St Mary artiste of him not honouring his contract with female artiste Summa. Summa recently went viral after releasing a video of Valiant signing a contract and a voice note with the entertainer.

Following the damming accusation against Valiant, Foota Hype went Live via Instagram in an effort to impart some wisdom in the deejay’s direction. “Me waa you listen wah me a seh, them have you sign a paper contract enuh, them pay you $500,000 you agree to shooting a video enuh.”

“You did know seh even though you sign to Romeich them now zeen and seh Romeich them a booking or your management, whatever you did sign before that you’re obligated to fulfil it?” Foota asked.

Foota Hype made it clear that his intention was not to ‘beat’ Valiant but the opposite. Foota continued his Live by asking a few more questions of Valiant by stating, “You did know seh if you nuh fulfil weh you agree pon da contract deh, da $500,000 deh weh you tek can mek you lose $50million?” Foota expressed.

The popular selector also touched on Valiant signing to Romeich, stating that the connection would be profitable business-wise, however, it will hurt his street cred because according to Foota, Romeich is “shaky” and Valiant’s name will start to call on shaky stuff.

Watch Foota talking on Romeich below:

In closing, the selector/ social media personality pointed out to Valiant that contractual arrangements should be taken very seriously, and he must learn from fellow dancehall artiste Shenseea, who has recently settled a lawsuit with one still hanging over her head.

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“Nuh matter how busy him is him better tek one day and go shoot the video and stop guaan like him an idiot mek me talk straight now, the busy you a talk bout court nuh busy,” Foota urges.

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See the video below:

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