Foota Hype and I-Wayne’s Feud Worsens With Exchanging Disses, “Mi a Badman inna Real life… Mi Bad Fi Real”

As Foota Hype continues to name-drop conscious Rastafarian artistes who are no longer protesting issues impacting Jamaica, a feud with I-Wayne developed and seems to be worsening as days go by. I-Wayne was one of the many names the selector made reference to during his controversial live streams.

I-Wayne, the Rastafarian reggae singer, has seemingly had enough of the criticisms about him not burning any “fire” on what has been happening in Jamaica. In response to the accusations, the deejay addressed the selector during a recent performance.

During his set, I-Wayne referred to Foota Hype as “some likkle social media yout weh a try a ting a look some clout” and broke out into a song, telling Foota that he did not need to boast simply because he has a firearm.

“Heart cold so till it wah thaw out, through social media bad bwoy wah draw out. Fire still a blaze and it nah out,” he sings.

Foota, who does not shy away from controversial topics and is quick to send praise or judgment based on the actions of public figures, responded to the subliminal during another live stream. The selector told I-Wayne that he should not throw shade and address him by name.

“Don’t get it wrong, I am not a bad man, and I-Wayne, you are not a badman either….you nah bun nuh fire, unuh cold up,” he stated.

As the stream continued, Foota asked why the rastas were not speaking out about matters such as firefighters, police, and teachers not getting a salary increase, the LGBT flag being at the embassy, and the introduction of gender equality in a university.

Despite earlier saying that he is not a badman, Foota went on to say the following with a straight face and stern voice, “Mi a Badman inna Real life… Mi Bad Fi Real.”

“Get up… do di job weh unuh fi bombocl**t do and Foota won’t have nuting fi seh…Unuh soft out, unuh weak out. Why yuh think yuh nuh have nuh hit song inna di longest? Cause your content is weak as f*ck..Your content weak like sh*t,” he added.

Watch the video of Foota Hype and I-Wayne below:

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