Jamaicans Still Required Visa for Travel to Bermuda after Complaints

Following complaints from Bermudian Member of Parliament Lawrence Scott, the government of Bermuda has maintained its stance that citizens of Jamaica and the Dominican Republic must be in possession of a valid transit visa to enter the country.

Scott is the chief executive officer of ScottsCraft, the parent company of the charter service TXKF Direct. Scott’s charter flight service will link Bermuda to the Caribbean.

Citing Section 28 of the Immigration and Protection Act 1956, the minister argued that entry into Bermuda was permitted on the condition that a round-trip ticket was purchased in advance and the individual did not exceed six months in any 12 months.

Scott also proposed that a ScottsCraft representative would be present on board the service to ensure that requirements were met by passengers.

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However, the Ministry of Economy and Labour explained in a statement that Jamaica and the Dominican Republic were among a list of over 100 countries classified as visa-controlled nationals who must present the relevant documents upon arrival.

According to the government, conditions were imposable in accordance with Section 32.

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It was expressed that a multi-re-entry visa was a condition, and failure to comply was an offence against the Act, with passengers risking being returned on the next available commercial flight.

In regards to Scott’s proposition that a ScottsCraft representative be present on board the service, it was deemed that their presence could not ensure that travellers would not remain in Bermuda after the expiration of six months.

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