Jamaicans Warned To Expect Rise In Chicken Prices

Jamaica News, The price of grain is rapidly increasing worldwide, and Jamaicans are being urged to take notice from early since the hike in cost will also affect the cost of chicken.

According to the Vice President of Jamaica Broilers for the “Best Dressed Chicken” division, Dave Fairman, the price rise is being impacted by several things including exchange rate, high grain prices, container costs and other important variables.

In recognizing the changes, Fairman noted that factors such as continued employment, production maintenance and taking care of people’s nutritional concerns are some of the things they must bear in mind since people must be fed, and income levels have decreased among the population.

With that being said Fairman explained that the rise in prices is something that will need to be accepted, even though they have recognized that the level of pressure it brings hence he’s actively trying to lessen the impact.

An analysis of the market shows where the prices for last year was stable however, concerning this year there have been massive increases in the prices of corn, wheat and Soya bean meal which are some of the factors having significant effects on the cost of Chicken.

According to the Caribbean Poultry Association, local producers have tried their best to minimize the cost for chicken, table eggs, pork and beef however due to the current pressure that will be hard to maintain.

The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Floyd Green told the Jamaica Observer that they are constantly monitoring the changes in prices, and having talks with stakeholders to see how best the high poultry prices can be approached.

Already, popular restaurants are looking to raise their prices, claiming they are spending much more these days on raw materials, which do not make things any better for them in the current global pandemic.

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