Jamaica’s House Of Representatives Gives Go-Ahead For Portmore To Become 15th Parish

Wednesday, February 2, 2022, 4:36 PM GMT-5

The House of Representatives on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 approved the Report of the Joint Select Committee (JSC) of the Parliament to establish Portmore as Jamaica’s 15th parish.

Chairman of the JSC and Member of Parliament for St Catherine South Central, Dr Andrew Wheatly, argued that as an independent nation, Portmore becomes the 15th parish after 155 years since a new parish was created in 1867.

“We are going to celebrate 60 years of independence this year. It is only fitting that we should emancipate the people…of Portmore, give them full autonomy to make decisions pertinent to themselves and the governance of that area,” Wheatly said.

Wheatly stated that it was recommended that the capital of the parish be called Portmore also.

To officially become the 15th parish, the matter now requires a simple majority vote in both houses of the parliament, which will then be sent to the Cabinet. The Cabinet will prepare instructions for the creation of a bill and send it back to parliament for final approval.
“Portmore is on the cusp of greatness. Portmore will become Jamaica’s 15th parish but it is going to be the first smart city in the Caribbean region,” Wheatley said.  

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