Jamaica’s Prime Minister Says Violent Lyrics Contributing to High Crime Rate

Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 5:00 PM

PM Holness lashed out at some of the Jamaicans who sing and produce songs with violent lyrics for the entertainment industry, while he was on the floor in Parliament a day ago.

He believes the criminals are indirectly influenced by the lyrics of the entertainers. The PM was among other lawmakers who were disgusted with the current high level of crime in the country, and the attack on women has made them even more upset.


This is not the first nor second time that Andrew Holness has attributed the high crime rate in Jamaica to the highly violent dancehall songs that are made and played every day. According to the JLP leader, violence-laced music that is being produced on the island is degrading the culture of the island.

He believes in the last few decades, the Jamaican music has been overtaken by violence, and the music we are producing is devaluing our culture, which is a very important asset for our economic development.

Back in January, In calling out the police on their shortcomings, the Prime Minister stated that the lawmen are not taking cases of domestic violence seriously as whenever situations like those occur they are brushed off as ” Man and woman issues”, that Mr Holness said should be dealt with properly.

Minister Olivia Babsy Grange also took the opportunity to speak out against women who are being being killed on the island. She also highlighted the killing of Khanice Jackson that has caused an outrage in the country. 

The Minister said she doesn’t see how we can see ourselves as a civilized society if we can’t protect our women and girls. Men should not seek to suppress the voices of sisters before they are brutally killed in this pandemic of domestic violence.

She called on the churches and men who were good citizens to do more. She believes when parents beat their children mercilessly they are led to believe that the only way to resolve conflict is only by the use of violence.

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