Jamaica’s Unemployment Rate Is Currently at an All Time Low

As reported in TVJ NEWS, Jamaica’s Unemployment rate is at an All Time Low, the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN)  today released the latest national labour force survey results.

The findings were made public at STATIN’s head quarters located in Kingston.


The results state that Jamaica’s unemployment rate is at the lowest it has ever been in over 50 years of stats gathered, the current rate is at 8% which means the unemployment rate has dipped by 1.6% from January last year.

Jamaica unemployrment rate

More males were injected into the national workforce, over 673,000 males make up Jamaica’s workforce.  A total of 1.2 million Jamaicans are apart of the labour force.

Jamaica’s inflation rate is estimated to be at 3.4%, this is below the Bank Of Jamaica’s target rate which is 4% to 6%.


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