JA’s 2017 total murders close to 1,680 record set back in 2009

The 2017 murder rate is nearing 1,600 record, with five days to go in 2017. Records demonstrate that 1,581 individuals have been killed since January of this year so far which is just 99 less murders than in 2009, which has a record 1,680 killings.

As indicated by reports, St James keeps on driving the count with 325 killings and Clarendon with 166.

Most killing occur in this order based on location:
Westmoreland 147 killings
St Catherine North 138
Kingston Western division 125.

While 53 of murder casualties so far this year have been youngsters.

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Bloody hell


Kartel yuh big a America yet Americans killing too some people are just sick stop blaming others for things people do you should know right from wrong


Nothing to see here ; every song a tell di yute dem seh a ina head a di right place and killy killy , so wah unuh a shock bout!?


Have two n a half day left


A no kartel alone sing those song so stop blaming the dam man look on the song Banga Banga u ever listen to it and the rest the other song them