Jasmine Dean’s Father Said He Has No Father’s Day without his Daughter

Thursday, June 25, 2020, 1:07 PM GMT-5

“Mi nuh have my daughter mi can’t have no father’s day” Mr. Dean said. He also said he is not eating and sleeping much because he feels like he has let her down.

He is going through the hardest time now because of the Coronavirus and because of it he couldn’t get the help he needed to find Jasmine and he can’t earn in the way he did before.

Jasmine Dean

He believes the police causes his daughter to be lost more each day, as the longer it takes to find her, the harder it will be. He spoke about a man who was found with Jasmine’s credit card and he believes more should be done with that evidence.

He also said he would not be as worried if he had evidence to prove that she died, but now he doesn’t believe she is dead and this belief is hard for him to handle.

Mr. Dean also revealed that he got financial help from his Member of Parliament just after his daughter’s disappearance but now he is in need of more help, as he waits to hear news about his missing daughter from the police.

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