J’Can In China Says He’s A Victim of Racial Abuse & ‘Bullying’

Thursday, May 21, 2020, 2:13 PM

We have come across several headlines previously that broadcast the discrimination faced by foreigners in China. The situation has worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for black people.

A Jamaican living in china reported that since last year, several Jamaicans among the blacks living in the country have faced racial discrimination.


When the first wave of the Corona virus started diminishing in China, the Chinese started restricting African nationals from re-entering the country. They assumed that the persons of African descent may bring a new wave of the virus in china and they have been subjected to physical and mental abuse since then.

As reported by a Jamaican English teacher living in China, many blacks are being forced out of their apartments and not being paid or dismissed from work.

The Jamaican presented himself as proof of the abuse on blacks taking place in China. His previous employers failed to present him with the essential documentation to find another job, which leads to him being evicted and he struggled for a while to find a new residence.

He said, “tricks such as withholding documents, make no pay, which is illegal, also in the pandemic, trying to evict persons from their apartments and so on.”

He also said the Chinese nationals are to be regarded as being untruthful in their dealings. 

He also stated that the embassy in the country is not helping at all. When they were informed about the issues, their reply was that they could not do anything to help them. If the embassy itself cannot help its nationals then what is the use of the embassy anyway?

The Jamaican man is hoping that he can go back home soon as the flights may reopen in June.

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