JCF Investigates Voice Note insighting Attack Against Them

Recently a voice note was released with someone making violent comments against JCF and JDF members, and it has been taken up as being a very serious offence.

According to Dennis Brooks, who is the serving senior communications strategist in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, a high-level investigation is being executed to find the individual who did the voice note.


For this investigation, Brooks told the star who spoke to him on the matter that, he is very confident in the ability of the police to put the pieces together on the identity of the person whose voice was heard making the violent comments.

In the voice note, the person could be heard saying extreme things like “Dawg pon a serious dawg, mi wah some man line up some badman dawg. Some serious man with some rifle and some K (AK-47). Wi just ago look fi some police bredda, straight police and soldier and just light them up. Wi no business who wah dead, innocent anybody a dead just dead.”

The individual also went on to justify the importance of doing the violence by explaining that if it is not done, others will not understand and so making that point he continued by stating that they should even go to the extent of making people be scared to be a police, further trying to validate his point by explaining how members of the JCF are hurting the innocent.

With all the current technology in place it should not be hard for the security forces to find out the identity of the individual, however, what would be interesting to know are the consequences such a person would face.

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