Jean-Ann Panton Alleges She Was Bribed By SSL Founder To Confess

Accused fraudster Jean-Ann Panton has alleged that she confessed to the major multibillion-dollar fraud at Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) because her former boss and SSL founder, Hugh Croskery, made her an “offer.”

Panton took sole responsibility for using various mechanisms to take money from clients in her confession statement in January, which noted that it was made voluntarily and of her own free will. Thirty-nine clients were named in the $3 billion fraud that Panton said took place over the course of several years.

Panton made the allegation in her defence that her confession had been induced, following a lawsuit filed by Jean Forde, an investor, against Panton and nine others, including Croskery and SSL. Croskery allegedly made Panton an offer on behalf of SSL, and Panton claims she would not have confessed if he had not.

Panton’s defence, filed a request in the Supreme Court on May 25, requesting that the statements made in the confession be proven.

“The second defendant (Panton) therefore puts the claimant to strictly prove the validity of the alleged confession statement and allegations according to law,” the document stated.

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According to Croskery’s lawyer, Peter Champagnie, Panton’s recent accusation does not align with the instructions he received from Croskery. Champagne added that he does not wish to venture into a discourse concerning Panton’s allegations, and it is a matter best dealt with by the court.

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