Doctor’s Testimony Desputes Confessed Fraudster Jean-Ann Panton’s Medical Claims

According to reports, Dr Jermaine Whyte, who reportedly examined accused fraudster Jean-Ann Panton, testified yesterday that despite her claims that she was afflicted with a stroke while in custody, there were no signs that the suspect had suffered one.

As a medical officer who works for the Department of Corrections Services, Dr Whyte also gave evidence that there was no record to indicate that Jean-Ann Panton had any episodes of seizure at the penal facility where she was being held during the period in which she was detained.

According to Panton, who was formerly employed as a wealth advisor at Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL), she claimed in the affidavit that she had suffered at least two seizures since her initial bail application got declined by Judge Lorna Shelly Williams of the High Court in late February.

In addition to forgery, Panton has been charged with larceny as a servant and engaging in a criminal transaction as she faces a 22-count indictment.

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Sylvester Hemmings, who serves as Panton’s attorney, says because of the stroke and seizures she suffered, her condition would require medical treatment as she is in a serious medical state.

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However, when the hearing resumes, Panton’s attorney will cross-examine Doctor Whyte, whose previous testimony contradicts Panton’s claims.

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