Jean-Ann Panton Remanded, Bail Hearing Set for Feb. 24; Submission of Relevant Medical Documentation Pending

After being levelled with multiple charges, including breaches of the Cybercrimes Act and the Larceny Act, former SSL (Stocks and Securities Limited) wealth advisor, Jean-Ann Panton, appeared in court earlier today.

As reported by Nationwide, a bail plea was made on behalf of Panton by her attorney, Tamika Harris, based on her client’s state of health and fitness.


During her appeal, Harris claimed that Panton was immobile, and having been born with a dislocated hip, Panton has been subjected to numerous surgeries (25) in order to rectify the disability. Thus, Harris asserted that her client, who also suffers from chronic diabetes, needed to be specially cared for and would not be afforded sufficient treatment (or provided with easy access to insulin) while behind bars.

Attorney Harris also made mention of Panton needing to be in a sterile environment.

Prosecutors assigned to the case mentioned that law enforcement agents made it known that due to Panton’s situation, if taken into custody, she would be properly taken care of at the South Camp Rehabilitation facility.

However, the judge who was presiding over the hearing at the Supreme Court in Downtown, Kingston, made note that the only documentation provided to the court was those pertaining to diabetes. A decision was unable to be made because of the lack of documentation to support the claims made, and Panton’s team was ordered to submit the relevant documentation for the listed ailments so that the bail hearing could proceed.

The hearing will reconvene on February 24 when the documents should also be submitted to the court for a decision to be made regarding bail.

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