Jean-Ann Panton Charged for Multibillion-Dollar SSL Fraud

It was reported earlier this morning that Jean-Ann Panton, former SSL (Stocks and Securities Limited) wealth advisor, has been charged in connection with the multibillion-dollar fraud involving former Olympian, Usain Bolt.

Represented by attorney Tamika Harris, Panton showed up to the Supreme Court on Friday. Panton has been charged with breaches of the Proceeds of Crime Act, the Larceny Act, the Cybercrimes Act, and the Forgery Act.

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According to the Jamaica Gleaner, additional charges might be brought against Panton by the FID (Financial Investigations Division), who think that other parties are involved in the fraud scandal estimated to be worth, at least, three billion Jamaican dollars.

FID stated that it is difficult to put an exact amount on how much was taken in association with the fraud, but they did confirm that Bolt was relieved of nearly two billion Jamaican dollars, which translates to almost 12.7M USD.

The former track and field star’s ex-manager, Norman Peart, was revealed to have cooperated with FaiD’s investigation as he was never treated as a suspect. It was also reported that Mr. Peart’s signature seems to have been falsified.

Selvin Hay, FID’s chief technical director, mentioned that investigators have been working in tandem to gather evidence with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. He also stated that as “clear” and “irrefutable evidence” is needed to put away all responsible parties, “We’ve had to be deliberate and meticulous in the process of verifying and authenticating the information and intelligence received so far.”

Hay said, “As the investigation progresses, we wish to assure the public that the work into unravelling this fraud is thorough and includes collaboration with local and international agencies. Various lines of inquiry are being pursued with a view to identifying all connected parties and bringing them to justice.”

From Tuesday, February 14 to Thursday, February 16, weeks after two properties in the Corporate Area were searched, Panton was questioned by a team of investigators subsequent to her being charged. This yielded the confiscation of telephones and documents that are still being reviewed.

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The SSL fraud scandal is said to be a very complex case because of its ten-year run, the types and quantity of transactions performed, and the variety of accounts that were hit.

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