Jeff Fullyauto’s Performance In Guyana Almost Caused Fight Between Fan and Her Boyfriend – Watch Video

Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 11:41 AM

Dancehall artiste Jeff Fullyauto continues to make waves while performing in Guyana once more, which follows his last performance in which he spitted into the mouth of one of his female fans earlier this year in the same country.



On this occasion, the entertainer almost caused a female fan to fight her boyfriend, who she seemingly went to the live show with.

During his latest performance in Guyana, while he performed his hit single Jericho and showed off his dancing skills, it was clear he had the crowd captivated. However, he stopped his set, turned from the gathering patrons, and went in the direction of the selector. The MC at the event then proceeded to call up two female fans on stage, and that was when the mini-drama erupted.

Two females close to the stage answered the MC’s request and attempted to make their way on stage; one of the females succeeded, but as the other female was trying to make her way onto the stage where Jeff Fullyauto was, a man apparently her boyfriend hindered her progress as she tried to make her way onto the rostrum by holding on to her hair.


The female, who was having none of it, reacted angrily and squared off with the man face to face; the MC, seeing what was going on along with a few males on stage, paused the event shortly to cool down the tensions between the two that was about to explode, Jeff Fullyauto also outlined to both that it’s not that serious, the video ended at that point.

See the video below:


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