Jeff Fullyauto Drops “Sprayground” Official Music Video

Thursday, December 15, 2022, 8:02 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Jeff Fullyauto dropped the official audio and music video for “Sprayground”, a Yardhypemusic production.

Throughout the single, the entertainer deejays about carrying around stacks of cash in a branded backpack bearing the title of the track. With a duration of 2:56 seconds, Jeff Fullyauto maintains that the “Sprayground” bag is the hottest new trend in the streets and promotes wearing one to achieve that swaggerific look.

“Fulla cash ina mi sprayground, wi no play round, jump pan a plane bruv gone a Tobago. Tracky and airforce, cashy and stay so… Wah ina mi sprayground (buff), benjamins mi a carry through the airport. Weh mi do? Stage show, weh mi go, Bados… lowie Jansport, my bredda dat played out,” says a few lines in the song.

The music video that was shot in Kingston, incorporates the energetic night life by showing women dancing, men vybing and another group of men wearing the “Sprayground” backpack parading a corridor with guns in hand. “Pu**y weh yuh hear bout, bredda wi no fear nothing, sprayground fulla cash how wi fi lame out… a nuh book bag.. mi ago put cash,” Jeff Fullyauto deejays.

Watch Jeff Fullyauto’s “Sprayground” official music video below:

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