Jeffery Hype Says He Is The First To Get A ‘Vybz Kartel Tattoo’ On Arm

Former Gaza team member Jeffery Hype, recently linked up with DJ Danjaharas to talk about the connection he had with Vybz Kartel before the entertainer was arrested, and he had much to say about his loyalty and respect for the deejay which stands tall until this day.

Throughout the questions, however, the host of the interview was very guile in her tactics to get information from the Hype, and one of the questions she inquired about was if the former Gaza team member had a tattoo of Kartel.

In answering the controversial question, Hype highlighted that in life, anything you do and have regrets about should not really have been done and it seems with the way he proceeded from that answer to speak about the entertainer is hinting at the fact that the former Gaza roadman would not take back his actions.

He continued by letting Dj Danjaharas know that he is the first person in history to get a Kartel tattoo on their arm, which he spoke of as a high honour noting that “Di Teacha” was the first person to make him travel, get a driver’s license and even own his first car.

He went on to describe that Vybz Kartel has done so much for him, even making him feel like he is an artiste. Hype went on to describe that whenever he leaves Jamaica, people are always giving him love which he describes to be an overwhelming feeling that he cannot be ungrateful about.

Additionally the former roadman of the “Worl Boss” has stated that the deejay is a very nice person who is filled with intelligence, jovial energy, and love for family which Hype described in high respect, going on to mention to Dj Danjaharas that once you are a main person around the entertainer he always ensures he checks upon them and their children and mothers to ensure they are good.

It is not the first time Jeffery Hype has done interviews professing his loyalty to Kartel as in the past he had done so while also outlining that some of the former Gaza members did not show the entertainer love after he got incarcerated even though he helped them to get established in their careers, even flying them out before they were well known. As a name of reference to who he was talking about at the time, one of the persons was Popcaan who eventually left the Gaza camp to form his own “Unruly” movement.


The name Jeffery Hype became a Dancehall household name due to Vybz Kartel frequently mentioning it in some of his past song introductions such as ‘Empire State’, ‘Nuh Bada Try’, and many other tracks.

The main controversy surrounding the former roadman of the Gaza started when the streets began to hear rumours that Hype had been severely beaten in the camp even though he made the move to tattoo “Di Teacha” on his arm, which was even made fun of on one of the social commentary projects entitled “Stir It Up” created by Twins of Twins.

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