Jetblue Flight Chaos in Kingston… Fight erupts on the plane after Racial Abuse – TVJ Video Report

October 22, 2020

“This Nigga is in my seat… all the people on this plane is a Nigga” States the white man to the female that was in the seat where he should sit. “i’ve never been so disrespected in my entire life” States the young lady who was being disrespected!

The man reportedly boarded the plane late and when he arrived he got into some issues settling into a seat and as a result he got very disrespectful to the people around him.


The plane was leaving from Kingston to New York on Tuesday evening.

At one point we hear the man shouting “nigga nigga nigga nigga” and at another point we see several people throwing punches at him, something he did not back down from as he fought back.

One person asked “If he is against black what the hell him a do in Jamaica…” while another stated “There was a Caucasian man in Ocho Rios that was doing the same thing in a Chinese owned supermarket and i could not keep my tongue when I asked where he thought he was. He was cursing out the security and cashier and nobody was saying or doing anything”.

Learn full details about the incident below.



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