Jodi Couture’s Car Vandalized By Her Brother… Family Feud

Friday, January 29, 2021, 2:40 PM

Female Dancehall artiste, Jodi Couture is extremely aggravated with her brother and has taken to her social media to vent about the causal factor for her distress, which led to her car being vandalised.

In a video circulating online, three men can be seen walking up to a garage where a white car was parked, then proceeded to smash the vehicle’s, sides and screens.


In the video, it could be seen where one of the men was not wearing a mask so he was easily identified by Jodi as her brother Dilla, who she said she cared about.

According to the artiste, the drama unfolded when she got into a feud with her brother’s partner, who said Couture does not like her but the entertainer said it was only because the woman had beaten her nephew, and that was something she did not like.

According to the entertainer, her brother has denied participation in the violent act but said that if it was him who had done the act he would have blown up the car.

Jodi further states that her daughter was very scared of the event, and she does not even know how to feel now knowing that her brother did such a thing.

The artiste also said that she does not like bully, especially when it comes on to children being involved.

She further stated that she was a person who fought her brother’s battles, but now it seems as if she is shocked and wants to disband him from her life.

Jodi further let her live know that he acted because of the woman letting her brother know that she does not like her but she explained that, her sibling did not even reach out to her and told her the situation, he just acted.

Couture stated that she had never done anything bad to her brother, and would always call him to do what he does at her booked events and never expected the situation to reach where it is.

Check out the footage and her live chat below.

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