Joe Biden reportedly wins US Election

As reported by NY Times, NBC News, The Guardian and other reputable news outlets leader of the democrats Joe Biden has officially won the 2020 US presidential election.

Trump is not currently at the White House but instead is confined to his Home in Virginia as the world anticipates what will be his next tweets with his most previous ones being about him winning the election legally.

See the voting results below.

Earlier, leading up to the election Trump suggest that he wont accept defeat and claimed that their will be wide spread fraud via mailed in ballots.

According to Trump he will be taking the results to the supreme court and reporters are stating that the current president will request a recount among other things before accepting defeat to the man he calls “Sleepy Joe”.

As a result of this inevitable win senator “Kamala Harris” will be the first woman and person of colour to become vice president of the USA.

She’s only the second black woman to be in the US senate. Last year Kamala ran as a candidate to become the leader of the democrats however this time she will stand beside Biden in running the country even though they have had a fallout in the past.

Harris is the daughter of Jamaican and India immigrants, see her parents below.

Kamala recently joked about smoking weed because she has Jamaican lineage, something her father did not take kindly to as he felt that she was stereotyping Jamaicans.

Former President Obama and several other women have congratulated Harris on her new position.

The November 3rd election brought out a record number of voters which shows how much Americans wants to be involved in the direction of their country’s future.

A speech is expected at 8pm today from president elect Joe Biden and Voice president Kamala Harris.

Learn more from the new report below.

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