John Legend and Jada Kingdom’s “Speak In Tongues” 

John Legend and Jada Kingdom’s slow, melodic love song, “Speak In Tongues,” was shared only hours ago on YouTube. The song is a part of John Legend’s double-sided Legend album, which was released last Friday, but the official audio of the single remains on paid streaming platforms. The album is split into the sections “Act 1 – Saturday Night” and “Act 2 – Sunday Morning,” with “Speak In Tongue” falling under the second half of the album.

In “Speak In Tongues,” the song opens with John Legend singing the chorus, saying, “When we talk to each other, speak in tongues. Got our own little language, one and one. I could taste every drink from your lips, let it flow…”


The Ohio Grammy Award-winning singer continued singing, going through the first two verses like silk, and Jada made her entrance into the song in the third verse. Adding edge, Jada sings, “Talk to me baby; Dis a weh yuh come yah fah, mi ready when yuh ready. Tease yuh den mi mek yuh work fi it caw mi petty…”

The song was produced by Stephen Di Genius and features a strong dancehall/reggae vibe beat.

Towards the end, the pair sang the chorus harmoniously together.

Listen to “Speak In Tongues” below.

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