‘Johncrow’ Recounts Being Beaten and Robbed of Vehicle at Gunpoint in Portmore

A male who goes by the names ‘Johncrow’ and Knockoff Indian recently reported a traumatic experience of being robbed at gunpoint and beaten following his trip to Helshire Beach. The social media personality also shared a picture of his face covered with what seems to be dried blood.

According to ‘Johncrow’ he was doing a favour for a friend when the incident took place. He recounts being hit in the head multiple times and receiving death threats while a gun was at his head, his car was also reportedly stolen.

As Knockoff Indian recounts the traumatic encounter via Twitter, he states, “They tried to place plastic bags on my face, but I fought my way out and jumped out the car. I wandered on the main road for almost an hour before a couple took me to the police, then the hospital.”

He went into detail about the injuries he sustained, which resulted in him reportedly receiving multiple stitches at the Spanish Town hospital. After the incident, Knockoff Indian offered a sum of $50,000 for any information that could lead to the recovery of his stolen 2014 Toyota vehicle.

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Consequently, he eventually recovered his car, but not in the condition he had hoped for. “So as yk, my vehicle was stolen and I almost got killed. They found my car deep in a cane field half scrapped ALREADY. Mirrors, license plates, radiator, interior, GONE. Imagine if I didn’t fight back. JUST IMAGINE. That’s where my body would have been, but God had other plans,” he wrote in a Twitter post.

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