Bartender Robbed at Gunpoint in Portmore – Watch Video

Friday, April 28, 2023, 9:41 AM GMT-5

An apparent middle-day robbery which took place at a house bar in Portmore shows two male adults fully armed with their faces partially visible while they carried out the thievery. The entire robbery was caught on camera.

The footage released to the public started with the bartender vibing to a song playing in the background as she casually peeks through a side door with a cup of beverage.

Immediately after a man enters the bar’s front door, he discreetly examines where the bartender was at, as she was still looking through the door, unaware of the robber’s presence. Afterwards, the man returned with a gun drawn, pointing it at the shocked bartender.

The robber, dressed in a black shirt and grey pants, then directed the bartender to where she kept the money. The bartender then proceeded after the robber’s request as she took money from behind the counter and placed a seemingly small amount on the counter as the robber casually sat on a stool.

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Another armed robber outfitted in a red pullover and short jeans, entered the bar, apparently not pleased with the amount of money they got, as he went behind the bar counter to help himself. While he continued his search, another male then entered the bar. The robber in the red pullover told the third male who entered the bar to stay in the corner of the entrance.

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It’s unclear how much money the robbers eventually got away with. The video ended with the first robber who entered the bar going behind the counter to search for more money. The footage was uploaded to Instagram with the following caption, “Portmore a get out of hand the little house bar dem a Robb how much money dem get 3 Tuff back boy before dem go look wuk.”

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See the video below:

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