Robbery Of A Bar Caught On Camera In Jamaica – Watch Video

Monday, March 27, 2023, 7:19 AM

In a recent video that has surfaced on the internet, a bar was taken over by criminals and robbed. While the exact location of the recreational business is unknown, it has been confirmed that it is indeed somewhere on the island of Jamaica.

The sound of popular artistes Beenie Man and Alaine’s hit single “Dreaming of You” seemed to have had no effect on softening the hearts of the robbers as they fleeced the business of its possessions.


While it is unclear how many robbers came to commit the heinous act, two men can be seen on the CCTV footage. The video begins with the first culprit standing in the business waving around what can be identified as a firearm and assumingly signalling to the bartender to give them the cash. Because of the video’s lack of colour, the hue of the robbers’ clothes could not be identified.

In addition, the first thief can be seen wearing a hoodie with his face covered, while his accomplice is seen wearing nothing but a hat and regular attire. Although the second man’s face was not covered, he did not look at the camera while committing the crime, so he could not be identified.

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On realizing what was happening, the scared female bartender reached under the counter and came up with two containers, which she then laid on the counter. The armed gunman can then be heard ordering the patrons to exit the bar as they take over the establishment. Seconds later, the other culprit is seen entering the bar before everyone is evacuated and taking up one of the containers that the bartender had left on the counter. The video then ends abruptly.

Watch the video below:

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