Julian Marley Gave a Touch of Marley Magic

Julian Marley’s album was nominated for a Grammy, the fans have accepted it and he believes that it was great for Reggae music.

He should have been touring now, but the Covid-19 virus outbreak caused the tour to be canceled. When Julian Marley performed on the cruise his music was well-received everyone in the auditorium was taking in the performance. They even gave him a standing ovation.


However, he said it is good to know that his tour is derailed by Covid-19

Julian said it is Jah work in this Revelation time, so it can’t be stopped and they can’t stop what is coming. 

However, because of COVID-19, the world is reset, the environment is now clean because a lot of human activities have been reduced. No smog, the air is clean and the environment is life and it needs to be cared for. 

He chose to sing “Natural Mystic,” he thought it is something that fits what people are going through now. “Many more will have to suffer many more will have to die, don’t ask me why.” A line from the song.



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