Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn Shares Her Story of Lengthy Wait at Hospital After Tufton’s Short Wait

Tuesday, June 4, 2024, 10:21 AM

Seemingly in an effort to quell the argument that high-ranking politicians are given preferential treatment at Jamaican hospitals, Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Member of Parliament (MP) Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn shared on Monday her experience of a long wait to receive treatment for her daughter.

Cuthbert Flynn’s statements come after People’s National Party (PNP) member Nekeisha Burchell’s uproar over what she deemed the special treatment of Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton following his bicycle accident on Sunday.


Burchell suggested that Tufton had been prioritised, as she noted how quickly the minister had been provided with a bed at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) while regular citizens had to wait on chairs.

Amid the ongoing online debate regarding the preferential treatment of politicians, Cuthbert-Flynn shared that her daughter Zara sought treatment at UHWI after falling ill a few months ago.

Cuthbert-Flynn said that after arriving during the night, the pair waited their turn as patients with emergency cases were given beds, even though Zara experienced several bouts of vomiting.

According to the MP, the patients waiting on chairs appeared comfortable and, like her daughter, were constantly monitored. However, Cuthbert-Flynn shared that, despite arriving at UHWI around 8 p.m., Zara was not admitted until the following day.

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“My husband took over at midnight. Upon my return the next morning, she was still experiencing vomiting [ … ] Approximately 2pm the next day, she was admitted. Why did I tell this story? Many believe we make demands. Many believe we don’t understand. Many don’t know we have lived these experiences,” Cuthbert-Flynn stated.

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Prior to her posts yesterday, Cuthbert-Flynn had criticised Burchell’s statements about the minister of health, calling her “devoid of empathy.”

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