Kabaka Pyramid Releases Official Video For “Believe”

January 26, 2021

Kabala Pyramid has released a fiery video for track 7 off his Federation Sound produced, “Immaculate mixtape” entitled “Belief”.

The song was produced by “Tip God music”, in collaboration with “Baka’s” own “Bebble Rock music”, and it speaks to going towards your destiny in a very optimistic way.


The official video for the song was done in a classroom setting, that featured schoolchildren spitting lyrics, and knocking tabletops as drums.

The scene goes on to show a teacher passing by then suddenly intercepting the lyrical session, however, one student who from early on in the video freestyled Kabaka’s classical “lyrical opposer”, went on to try charming the teacher with words.

Instead of a smile, the boy playing the student, instead got detention, however, that did not stop him from going for his dream.

The video went on to Kabaka Pyramid himself visiting the school, singing to the same youngster, telling him to believe in himself.

The song itself is very immaculate, just like the mixtape, because he speaks messages like not waiting on anyone to go for your dream and seeing your greatness, eventually overcoming doubt.

The song’s concise message synchronizes on a great level with the visuals, and he shows what focus can bring to fruition if you only concentrate.


The classroom scene chosen for the video has been a major part of our culture, and many artistes will be able to relate to the song and visuals.

The mixtape itself has been widely playing in the streets, especially because it deals with the Foota Hype controversy where it concerns Rastafarian, diverting from the message.

Watch the music video below.




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