Kai Cenat, Adin Ross, and Ray Go Viral Partying and Trying Jamaican Cuisine – Watch Videos

Prominent live streamers Kai Cenat and Adin Ross are evidently enjoying their time in Jamaica, which kicked off with them and popular live streamer Ray, yelling “bombocl**t” upon arrival. More videos of their trip feature them dancing on stage at an event, dancing with women, and diving into Jamaican cuisine.

Kai and Ray were captured having a memorable time at an event in several videos now circulating online. The first video shows the pair taking the stage and dancing to ‘Jiggy Time‘ by Bogle, Voicemail, and Delly Ranks. While Kai does Jamaican dance moves, Ray, who hails from Taiwan, performs his own dance and records the moment.


Watch the video of Kai and Ray below:

In a second video, Kai can be seen engaging in some provocative dance moves with a female who is bent over. At one point, Kai acts as if he is daggering the female effortlessly by pretending to be on a call.

Watch the video of Kai below:

A third clip shows Ray vigorously dancing with another woman, who is twerking on him. At one point, Ray holds the woman’s feet while her hands are planted on the ground. A fourth video shows him still dancing behind her while she is standing and whining.

Watch the videos of Ray below:

As for Adin Ross, a video of him enjoying ackee is garnering attention online. In the video, he makes a big error when identifying the meal he is having, and Rvssian immediately corrects him.

“And this one is?” Adin asked Rvssian, who told him, “That’s the ackee.”

Adin responded, “The c**ky?”

“No, pause. Ackee,” Rvssian said.

Watch the videos of Adin Ross below:

The videos were shared on Instagram and X on Saturday, and have garnered humorous responses from social media users. In particular, the video of Ray dancing with a female has racked up over 7 million views on X in less than 20 hours.

Read some of the comments below:

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