Dancehall artiste KALADO has released a new music Video for his latest single, ‘Trapwhine’, earlier this week, and fans have been so far giving the single a positive feedback.

K Swizz (KOG Productions) produced Trapwhine, while KD Visuals 876 and Kalado directed the video, which was shot off the Mandela Highway in Kingston.


Within 24 hours of the video being uploaded on YouTube, it got more that 50,000 views. It was also among the top 10 trending videos for the day.

In speaking about the video, Kalado said that he was happy that Social media sensation Mackerel was even a part of the project.

“The idea for the video was a play on the term ‘Trap’, which refers to the type of beat. I then incorporated the definition of trap, which is why the females were dancing in a case in the video. Mackerel was supposed to only do a promotional skit for social media platforms to promote the song, but seeing her interest in the theater and the arts, we decided to feature her towards the end of the video to help her fuel her career as an actress.” He said.

Kalado, who is known for songs like Personally, Make Me Feel, Bring Life and Bruk Foreigner, said that although he has kept a relatively low profile in the past year, he has been working with various producers.

He’s also gearing up to release other music videos, including Top Plug, Good Intentions and For Your Love.

Watch full video below!


[Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Eq_O2LuzVYM”]


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