Kamala Harris becomes first Black woman nominated for Office in USA

Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 9:03 AM GMT-5

American politician and lawyer “Kamala Harris” was appointed by Joe Biden to be the vice president of the USA should he win the upcoming general election.

She’s only the second black woman to be in the US senate. Last year Kamala ran as a candidate to become the leader of the democrats however this time she will stand beside Biden as his running mate even though they have had a fallout in the past.

Biden stated that he picked Kamala because he believes that she would be the best of the other options to help him win at the next election.

According to a colleague she as been in the area and she as been fighting at every stage in her career while another stated that she was consistent and up for a challenge “She will always stand up for what she thinks is right”.

Kamala recently joked about smoking weed because she has Jamaican lineage, something her father did not take kindly to as he felt that she was stereotyping Jamaicans.

Harris is the daughter of Jamaican and India immigrants, see her parents below.

Former President Obama and several other women have congratulated Harris on her new position.

Learn more about Kamala in the video documentary below

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