Kamila McDonald says Jah Cure and her are ONLY friends

In a recent onstage interview Kamila McDonald former wife of reggae star Jah Cure opens up about her current relationship with Cure. Kamila said “The most important bound between two people is sharing a child” she also went on to say that they will be in each others life forever but as friends, not intimate. Kamila McDonald also took the time out to talk about her “Wake up and Live” book, helping people to be as happy as ever.

Watch her full interview below!

Jah Cure & Kamila mcDonald rumoured to have reached a divorce agreement

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Andy Ritch

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Damion Ellis

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Crystal-Clear EvaBless Bartley

Since. Jah. Cure. Lose. Em. Wife. Is. Hasn’t been the same.. It. Shows that clearly
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Unique Chick Lindsay

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Pennybody Lawless

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Suzanne Brown

Kamila I always know you,are a mature woman who is capable of doing the right thing. You and Jah cure will forever be apart of each others lives because of the bond you share but stick to you guns and let friendship rain, if you guys are meant to be live will get better the 2nd time around..

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