Kanye Has Taken The First Steps Towards Presidency

Thursday, July 16, 2020, 8:47 AM

Reports are that the well-known American rapper, Kanye West has initiated the necessary steps needed to solidify his run for the presidency. 

The Federal Electoral Committee has made it clear that Kanye signed up the first required form which is known as a Statement of Organization which the rapper used to sign up his party called the Birthday Party or BDY.


The form signed by the rapper announces him as a party candidate serving a principal campaign committee for 2020. 

This does not mean however that West is through with the process as yet as there is still more information to be submitted on a second form.

The second form is known as the statement of Candidacy which Kanye West will need to sign up to show that under Federal Law he is legitimate to run as a candidate. 

The form also requires that the candidate has spent over $5000 where campaigning is concerned.

Recent times have seen the “Jesus Walks” rapper denouncing his allegiance with Donald Trump due to things the rapper claims the president has done that he does not like so on July 4th with the support of well-known businessman Elon Musk Kanye West declared he was going to run for president.

According to TMZ the rapper now presidential candidate saw his first polling and according to them, it did not look good as the numbers were really poor and it might be having an effect on the rapper.

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