Kanye West Interested In Kim Kardashian Look-Alike

Rapper Kanye West has set his eyes on social media influencer and model Chaney Jones, who has a mind-blowing resemblance to Kim Kardashian. While the two have been seen together a couple of times, they don’t seem to consider themselves a couple yet.

According to TMZ sources, the pair are just having fun while they have been hanging out for the last couple of weeks. Sources have also confirmed that Kanye is drawn to the 24-year-old, and his attraction is because of her similarities to Kim.

Kanye and Chaney started hanging out shortly after he and Julia Fox broke ties. Julia did clarify that they were not seriously involved, and, similarly to her statement, sources close to Kanye confirmed that the artist was not interested in going into a committed relationship with anyone at the moment.

Lately, Chaney’s style has almost been the identical twin to Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe. Wearing tight-fitting bodysuits and even the same sunglasses as Kim, Chaney could be called Kim’s twin.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian just spent an entire week overseas at Milan Fashion Week. The celebrity has switched out her Balenciaga wardrobe and replaced it with exclusive Prada outfits. Reportedly, Kim now has enough confidence to “make her own choices”.

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