Kartel says Jamaica Still Ranks High in Corruption, 12000+ Killed Since His Imprisonment

Saturday, April 11, 2020, 8:47 PM

Mr. Vegas made a video in which he spoke about Vybz Kartel and his case, Kartel responded with a lengthy cryptic caption “Da Bredda still exist? First of all i’ve made so many youths into millionaires both in and out of music, plus I have given so much more, my parents, sisters, brothers, personal friends and other relatives. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MY CHILDREN WORSHIP AND ADORE ME! AND Mi BABY MADA DEM RESPECT ME AS A REAL MAN who LOVES HIS KIDS, so I don’t need validation from washed up celebs or from a society”

Vybz Kartel then went on to attack Jamaica’s justice system, he stated ” so criminal that the CIA consistently ranks it so HIGH in the corruption index, it’s a wonder we haven’t floated to the clouds. #Gazanation, ya hear mi? 12000+ Jcans have been murdered since September 30, 2011 but dem a worry bout Kartel. Fu**kin dunce oonu impressionable little brainwashed slaves. Dem only can brainwash butu and dunce like oonu so gwaan buy into the illusion #GAZANATION.”


A number of Gaza fans were willing to downplay the gruesome murder of Clive Lizard Williams and supported the dancehall artiste Kartel and protested as they asked for him to be freed even before the case was tried.

Vegas last week spoke about how Kartel’s fans were saying it didn’t matter if Lizard got killed because he was a bad man. He didn’t like where these statements were going, he was disappointed in the way the people were not respecting life and the legal system that is set up in the country.

Vegas had simply pointed out that men who are in touch with the youth should try to guide them and encourage them to do what is right. They shouldn’t encourage them to hurt anyone.

He said men with a certain status in society should not encourage criminality.


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